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Maybe you're asking too much!

TinySurveys are short, one to two question surveys, administered via email, that receive 2-3x more responses on average.

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Why choose TinySurveys?

TinySurveys receive an average of 2-3 times higher response rates.

Save Time

Surveys don't get responses if they take too much time to complete.

TinySurveys helps you create a concise survey that still gives you a lot of information.

Get Feedback

Are your customers happy? Is your staff happy? The best way to know is to ask.

TinySurveys can help you get feedback about how things are going.

Respond by Email

People are more likely to do somthing if it is easy to complete.

TinySurveys makes answering your survey easy! The survey can be answered by clickon on a link directly in the email!

How Does It Work?

Ask a Single Question

The idea behind a TinySurvey is to get information quickly. To create your survey, you will decide on one main question to ask your audience.

Example: Are you happy with our product?

Ask a Follow-Up Question

A follow-up question allows you to ask a second question based on the response to the main question asked. This allows you to get specific information quickly.

Example: Why are you unhappy with our product? (if the response to the first question was no)

Ask for Comments

Choose whether or not to ask for comments from your respondents. The single question, follow-up question and comments box used together can give you a valuable way to get feedback without taking up too much time.

See the Results

Watch the results come in and choose whether or not to receive notifications when they do. You can also export your results to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

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Our pricing.

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To send a survey you need to have enough recipient credits available to send to all of the recipients. 1 recipient credit = 1 survey recipient. Credits are sold in blocks of 100 and they never expire. The more blocks you buy, the less expensive each block is. Refer to the table below for a breakdown.

$2.50/block 100-200 recipients 1-2 blocks
$2.00/block 201-600 recipients 3-6 blocks
$1.00/block 601-1,000 recipients 7-10 blocks
$0.95/block 1,001-3,000 recipients 11-30 blocks
$0.85/block 3,001-10,000 recipients 31-100 blocks
$0.65/block 10,001+ recipients 101+ blocks

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* Unused credits never expire and are available for use on future surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about TinySurveys.

What are credits?

Our pricing is based on buying blocks of credits. One block contains 100 credits. You need a credit for each person you are sending a surcey to. For example, if you want to send a survey to 150 people, you would need 150 credits.

Do credits expire?

Great Question! Credits do not currently expire. If you have unused credits after sending your survey they will remain in your account for future use.

Can I sign up for a plan instead?

We do have special plans available that are specifically tailored to your unique needs. This is a good fit if you send a lot of surveys or send to a lot of recipients at a time.

Why can't I just buy the exact number of credits I need?

We have found that selling credits in standard blocks makes it easier to structure volume based tiers.

Is there a free trial?

We automatically load your account with 25 credits when you sign up. This is plenty to test things out and see how TinySurveys work.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards securely through Stripe.

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